The Abuse Cycle “If you don’t remain silent – I will abuse you – but everyone will think everything’s your fault…”

Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #1 Gaslighting

What in the WORLD is going on?? Welcome to C R A Z Y M A K I N G

“Gaslighting” is a very real and debilitating in an abusive dynamic with a narcissist. Over time you are managed down and manipulated into believing the atrocities that are directed straight to your psyche that you can’t identify the real dynamic of this insidious abuse and just blame yourself.  The gaslighting effect happens gradually and by the time you are so deep into the hideous manipulation you allow it to define your reality and sanity.  Consequently you are not the same strong, confident or centered person you once were.  It is as if your personality was erased and darkness has taken over and surrounded you.  Your functioning self has been compromised so much so that you are not certain of your own mental and physical reality and accept the defective role the Narcissist has designed for you!  You are living in a dense fog of constant uncertainty, vulnerability, confusion and fear, and there you will reside until the cycle of abuse is broken!”  Greg Zaffuto


When NO one believes

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