Days leading up to funeral

So it took about a week for the coroner to release his body. In this week I focused on our son , she always wanted me to stay with him so she could go to his families homes alone, I agreed to spare Nathan of the details.Little did I know at the time she. She was playing the grieving window and spewing lies to them about who I was. His friends that served in the Army were kept away from me, they had started a go fund me page for her and Nathan ,she didn’t want them to find out about me so she could get the money from them and she was worried she wouldn’t get money for her from the V.A. Those were her words when I confronted her on the way she was acting. I would watch her go from zero emotions at all to inconsolable when in front of these folks. then when it was just us three again she was the same as she was before any of this. I realized then she was acting. She actually told me she was  for the V.A, she had lied for years to get welfare for Nathan by claiming she wasnt working and was living with her Mother. She always kept her mailing address at her Mothers address so the government would believe she was indigent.

She would only bring me around his Father and Mother who already had known the truth, his extended family was never allowed to interact with me until the actual funeral day, I never really thought about it that much when I was introduced as Mike and nothing else until well after the fact, God knows what she had told them about who I was. they all would glare at me horribly as I comforted Nathan. We were just being what we are a loving father and son going thru something awful. I was trying to be the comforter to them both through this horrible tragedy.  I remember it got so bad that after about the twentieth comment about how He (the ex) just wanted to take care of Nathan, that was clearly directed at me, I spoke up and said I’m going to keep doing what I have been doing for the last three years and him and I walked off. So her P.O. comes up to her, Nathan and I are about five feet behind her. He is in my arms, he would not let me put him down the entire time, and asked her “who’s that” she responds” oh that’s just Nates friend” her and her ex had the same P.O.. So after her living with me for the past three years and her P.O coming to our home. I was always at work when she came by for a home visit or she would run outside If I was home. Her P.O had no clue who I was. I ask Nathan”did you hear that?” he says yeah you are my friend my best friend” I say “yes I am buddy, but good luck to Mom explaining how a six-year-old has a forty-year old friend” We get through the funeral and she has to stop at her P.O office to give her his death certificate. She really doesn’t have to at all, because it’s not her responsibility, I say I will run it in, she refuses to wait or to let me take it into the office. So I wait in the car with Nathan, she takes the paper inside and after a long while she comes out and says that her P.O had given her a drug test and she failed it, she had taken some hydrocodone (pills) to calm down at the funeral.


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