The Role of Stockholm Syndrome in Narcissistic Abuse

One of the saddest things about Narcissistic abuse is how the victim will often protect or even cover for the Narcissist while the Narcissist(s) is trying to destroy them.  At a later time the Narcissist will use this against the victim, especially if a  Narcissistic injury has occurred.    The Narcissist will use and exploit kinder or weaker people in order to be admired and pitied by others.  Even while a victim is being exploited and abused you may still hear them defend the abuser(s). Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #8 They withhold information Watch “Your Trauma Has A Name – Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome” on YouTube

Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #8 They withhold information

The less you know about what they are saying about you, the more power they have.  They will withhold information in order to control a situation that has taken place.  This is how they can then compromise the integrity of another person and then use them for their own personal benefit and gain in order … Continue reading Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #8 They withhold information

Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #7 They Deny Reality

For whatever reason these people push out false narratives and deny reality.  They do not own up to their mistakes, deceptions, lies, cover-ups etc.  They deny being abusive.  They deny what they’ve done.  They will frequently blame their target for what they’ve done.   It is always someone else's’ fault.  So they live in a constant … Continue reading Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #7 They Deny Reality

What I wish you knew about my struggles

This is very moving to me, I had to share it. Thank you for this touching , powerful, inspiring.

The Narcissist's Daughter

A commonly expressed opinion is that those who talk about mental health problems are doing so for pity or attention. It is assumed that only these things could be a solid enough reason for speaking about something so taboo and uncomfortable.

Please let me speak for myself, and possibly on behalf of many others, so that I can attempt to clear up this foolish and cruel misconception.

I do not want your pity. I do not long for your attention. What I hope for is empathy, I dare to dream that you will stop and try to place yourself in my shoes. I wish for understanding, kindness, and tolerance – I crave your acceptance and support, your friendship.

Please do not judge me when you notice the scars that colour my wrists. I know they are ugly but they are a part of me now, I can not change them.

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Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #6 Circular Conversations and Word Salad Games

These tactics will leave your head spinning.  Circular conversations are used to confuse the target and also so that the Narcissist never has to admit fault or take responsibility for anything.  They are slippery critters.  So you may say “stop manipulating me..”  And they will respond.. “You stop manipulating me!”  You may say, “you’re lying..” … Continue reading Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #6 Circular Conversations and Word Salad Games