Narcissistic Abuse Technique #4 The Smear Campaign

Spreading a false narrative or painting a picture of someone who is untrue to their character in order to discredit and isolate the victim from other people. It is often used to prevent the truth from coming out. It may also be used due to vindictiveness, jealousy or sense of a threat.

How the Narcissist(s) will paint the Victim:

1. Mentally unstable 2. twisting things 3. unreliable 4. pathetic 5. dangerous 6. untrustworthy 7. possibly demon possessed . Bipolar or something like that.

The Narcissist(s) are projecting their OWN traits onto the victim which makes figuring out who is in the wrong confusing.

If they lie, they will accuse the victim of being a liar.  If the victim lied it was probably because they were scared.  The Narcissist lies to destroy.  If they manipulate, they will accuse the victim of manipulating.  If they abuse, they will accuse the victim of abuse.

The portrait painted of the victim is typically an upside down version of who that person is or an exaggeration of wrongdoings.  They will pull out all the garbage on the victim and exaggerate greatly what the victim has done.  The smear is FULL of half-truths, exaggerations and downright lies about the target.

They will even try to convince the victim that they are these things which a very altruistic and sensitive person will then begin to wear and feel badly about themselves.  What makes a narcissist or narcissistic family group so dangerous it that they truly believe their own lies about the scapegoat.  They need to believe them and want to believe them in order to clear themselves.  These are what the Bible refers to as “hypocrites” or “Pharisees”.

The scapegoat or victim may be guilty of some things but they will say sorry and admit failure.  The Narcissist(s) never will admit that they are even more guilty than their target of lying, being manipulative and so forth.  That is why reconciliation with a Narcissist is almost impossible.  The Narcissist will sit as judge and jury over the other person who is willing to admit some fault.  But the Narcissist will admit none and will even accuse their target of having motives they never had etc. Therefore real reconciliation will be impossible.

Why does the Narcissist Smear?

  1. No longer a good source of supply
  2. Reputation is threatened
  3. The person has seen through the Narcissist
  4. The person has inflicted a Narcissistic injury
  5. Because it’s fun to torture someone else’s’ soul and get others to gang up on them.

Great Definition of the Narcissistic Smear Campaign:

“When the smear campaign begins with a Narcissistic Sociopath, it is an intentional, premeditated effort to discredit our reputation, character and quite simply, our total being.  This premeditation is done in the same way a criminal puts into motion his act of crime. With a smear campaign, the Sociopath strategically starts recalling all the things you have ever shared with them regarding your own personal experiences (ie: triumphs/failures), any and all things shared about people closest to you, or anyone you had a relationship with prior to them.

smear campagin

Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #5 Threats

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