When NO one believes

The Abuse Cycle “If you don’t remain silent – I will abuse you – but everyone will think everything’s your fault…”


Cluster B personality disorders are characterized by dramatic, overly emotional or unpredictable thinking or behavior.

They include antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

Narcissistic Abusive Tactic #2: Triggering reactionary Abuse or Baiting and Bashing

How the smear campaign starts


Reactionary Abuse is when the target of abuse reacts to the abuse by getting angry.  At some point the target will come to the realization that something terribly wrong has occurred in the situation.  When they are gaslighted, baited and bashed and dealt with harshly they may react by lashing out at the abuser. The target walking on eggshells the whole while will then flip out when they sense a false narrative or something else has gone wrong in the situation with the Narcissist.  Something is TERRIBLY wrong. The Narcissist is about to turn the target’s personality upside down and push forth a false narrative.

The Narcissist then uses the victim’s reaction as evidence of the victim’s mental instability and their abusing them However, the evidence never harmed the Narcissist.  The victim played right into the Narcissist’s hand!  The screaming, yelling, walking on eggshells,  or becoming defensive is exactly what the Narcissist wanted. When the victim claims abuse the Narcissist then turns around and points the finger claiming the victim abused them.  This is how the smear campaign is initially launched.

To onlookers this can be confusing.  The Narcissist will come off as the poor victim of this emotionally unstable person who is yelling at them.  But the Narcissists will fail to mention the fact that they had been baiting and bashing the victim, threatening the victim and gaslighting the victim, pathologically lying and accusing the victim instead of looking to understand.   The Narcissist will NEVER try to understand.  The Narcissist takes delight in pointing fingers and claiming “they just know”.  This further hurts and upsets the scapegoat.

How the Narcissist will appear:  Will most likely come off as calm, cool, collected and very confident that they are in the right.  Will admit little to no wrong doing.  Will claim to be the victim.  Will claim that they are praying for and love the victim. The victim knows this is the furthest thing from the truth but this “act of loving the victim” will fool many which is what makes them so dangerous.  Will never try to understand the targets point of view.  Will sit as judge and jury over the target through false accusations.    If they do appear humble it is their bad acting skills at work in order to gain favor from someone. They will continually justify their actions. They will downplay and minimize their role.

How the victim will appear:  Expect someone who is in a fog, confused, will admit wrongdoing, may say too much, will desperately want reconciliation but may realize it is impossible.  Or they may have Stockholm syndrome and try to protect the Narcissist.  If they have developed PTSD they may struggle with anger or rage towards the Narcissist.  They may appear as if they are going crazy.

How are people conned by the Narcissist?  The Narcissists tells “part” of a story in order to portray their target a certain way.  They leave out a lot of information and highly exaggerate and twist what their target has done in order to get people upset with the target.  The target or victim may be easily exploitable and controlled because of the unhealthy bond that has developed with the Narcissist.   Many malignant narcissists and sociopaths will work hard to develop strong soul ties with both men and women around them.  These people will back up the Narcissist no matter what.  And the person who is the target may have also have developed a strong bond which the Narcissist then uses against the person. The Narcissist will downplay and hide their wrongdoing.  They will create a group of flying monkey’s in their charmed circle ready to stand and defend them.  People often want to take people at face value so they believe that the victim is the abuser and is the one in the wrong which further re-traumatizes the victim. The Narcissist(s) will get away with what they have pulled off and feel justified in it.  THEY WILL EVEN ENJOY HURTING ANOTHER PERSON.

Narcissistic Abuse Tactic #3: Pathological Lying without remorse


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