It started like a whirlwind…

We met and seemed to instantly connect. I was out of a 13 year marriage, and according to her she was going through the same. We talked about Love, life, sex, children for hours and hours, enjoying each other. We had so much in common it seemed to be Fate or Destiny , maybe Karma for the shitty relationships with past lovers. Everything was more than fantastic. Sex was amazing, we both had a very promiscuous past. Nothing seemed to even come close to this. She was the women of my dreams, She told me I was the Man of hers. I had decided to open up in ways I never had before. I told her everything, every fear, every self-esteem issue, everything bad I had ever been through. She comforted me, She understood. She had done her share also. Oh she had issues baby daddy in jail, she said he was crazy and on drugs, her family backed her up on that. She had a 3-year-old son. She didn’t introduce us for a while. Said it was to protect him, I respected that. By the time I realized something wasn’t quite right, I was deeply in Love with both of them. I knew by a few comments that she wasn’t really over her Ex. I told her from the beginning that I would not be the cause of a family breaking up. When I realized that, I went to her to make the decision, in the past I would have made no question. I couldn’t walk away . I told her that I knew she wasn’t completely over him and that I did not want her there if she really didn’t love me and only me, because we would never work anyway, and we could part as friends  not enemies. When she stayed I thought  she really loved me and I would show her how to be loved by a real man, I’m a hopeless romantic and showered her with time, attention,  money, everything to make her feel like my Queen. Little did I know the Hell that was to come… Bring in the Ex….

The Ex

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